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  • 成立時間 : 西元1993年
  • 經營理念 :
    安全 快速 經濟 環保 新科技 理念服務顧客

    Safe and Technology



  • 新科技-不停水工法。

    ● 不停水工程規劃與設計施工。

    ● 管線工程繪圖

    ● 工程風險評估

    ● 地下不明水管調查。

    ● 無塵室不停水施工


    江賜印 技術工程師





    Mr. Liu, Fei Fung


    Xiang Tai Water Electricity Facility Company


    General Manager


    Taipei Shixin High School


    2F, No. 1, Alley 2, Lane 65, Daye Rd., Beitou Chiu, Taipei, Taiwan 112, R.O.C.







    I entered the industry of water supply construction in 1989 and set up Xiang Tai Water and Electricity Facility Company in 1993. Through the years, I have always believed in giving back to the society. Working in the water supply industry, I can really appreciate how precious water resources are. It follows that we must avoid wasting precious water resources with high quality construction work. This award came as a pleasant surprise. I want to say thank you to officials in Taipei Water Department and construction-supervising authorities for their guidance, and to the residents for their support. They gave our company the opportunity to provide high quality water supply construction work. To give back to the society, I’m constantly developing new construction methods. I also adopted new water-saving construction methods from Japan. All this is just doing my part in the water conservation effort. I hope that the public sector and the private sector can work together for this cause so that the water supply industry can benefit the society with its expertise.

    Judges Comments

    1. With expertise in pipe replacement, researched and developed new construction methods.

    2. Demonstrated water-saving construction methods in seminars, contributing to water conservation.

    Merit Summary

    Ⅰ.Water conservation methods and benefits: replaced old water pipes according to the contract with Taipei Water Department.

    1. Completely replaced water pipes in Fu Xing Li, Beitou District, Taipei City and increased water pressure in the pipe network.

    2. Assisted Taipei Water Department in briefing the residents on the pipe construction. Moved pipes and water meters in the fire alleys in Fu Xing Li to the front. Replaced old pipes with stainless steel ones in households to avoid leakage and conserve water resources.

    Ⅱ. Promotion

    1. Demonstrated water-saving construction methods to Taipei Water Department and members of the industry.

    2. Cosponsoring with the Underground Pipe Association and the Sewerage Association, Xiang Tai Water Electricity Facility Company held annual Water Supply Day promotion campaigns at Citizen Square in front of Taipei County Government building.

    3. Demonstrated water-saving construction method at Kaohsiung and Ilan branches of the Taiwan Water Corporation on invitation.

    Awards and Honors

    1. Voluntarily took part in the urgent repair of a 2000mm major pipeline leak and related integration work at Section 3, Hsin Sheng North Road, Taipei City, near Taipei Fine Arts Museum on April 27, 1995. (Acknowledged by Taipei Water Department)

    2. Voluntarily took part in the urgent repair of a 500mm major pipeline leak and related integration work at Da Yeh Road, Taipei City, on March 5, 2004. (Acknowledged by Engineer Division, Taipei Water Department)

    *Former Director of Tokyo Bureau of Waterworks inspected a construction site in Taiwan.

    *Officials from Taipei Water Department inspected the improvements.

    *Demonstration of water-saving construction methods as part of the Water Supply Day activities.

    *Before the construction, pipes were in the ditch and pumps were required.

    *Developing new construction methods with engineers.


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