Channel Business and Program Manager- Taipei



  • 工作內容 :
    The Channel Business & Program Manager provides strategic business management and leadership to support and drive the channel business area for ATP. This role works with and in support of regional sales and reports into corporate marketing. With extensive materials and business processes already set in ATP existing OEM business, this role will develop a plan to mold and adapt existing assets and business processes to appropriately support and drive the channel business area.

    1.Build a channel business development plan with focus product line and focus segments based on each sales region
    2.Global channel quantitative and qualitative business planning/reporting on annual/quarterly basis
    3.Creation and execution of channel related sales business processes to support and drive regional sales
    4.Coordination with marketing communications for marketing asset creation roadmap, and delivery to regional sales
    5.Implement channel campaigns to expand market share in focus industry segments or drive the sales pipeline for focusproduct lines
    6.Gather market/product/customer trending, insight, and feedback from channel related sales
    7.Ensure the communication and coordination with other support departments related to channel business support
    8.Build and lead a channel program marketing team
  • 工作地點 : 台北市內湖區堤頂大道二段185號10樓 (內湖科技園區) 地圖
  • 職務類別 : 國外業務主管  專案業務主管  行銷企劃職涯發展地圖
  • 休假制度 : 週休二日
  • 上班時段 : 白天班
  • 職缺更新 : 2020 年 7 月 6 日
  • 需求人數 : 1人
  • 薪資待遇 : 面議每月薪資行情表我要申訴
  • 工作性質 : 全職
  • 上班日期 : 可年後上班
  • 管理人數 : 需負擔管理責任,直接管理:4人
  • 出差說明 : 需出差,一年累積時間約三個月以下


  • 學歷要求 : 碩士、大學
  • 科系要求 : 不拘科系就業導航
  • 工作經驗 : 10 年以上
  • 身份類別 : 一般求職者  外籍人士  
  • 外語能力 :
    英文→  聽:精通  說:精通  讀:精通  寫:精通


  • 工作技能 :
  • 電腦技能 : 未填寫


  • 1.6+ years of experience in electronic manufacturing (Industrial DRAM & Flash preferred)
    2.Fluent in English (Japanese fluency is a plus)
    3.3+ years of business & operation related experience
    4.3+ years of channel/distribution related business experience
    5.Strong analyzing, planning & problem solving skill
    6.Strong cross function communication & cooperation skill


  • 連絡人 : 人力資源處
  • Email : 若有意應徵,請直接按「我要應徵」投遞履歷即可。
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