• 工作內容 :
    1.Develop and execute product/pricing program to deliver Secured Lending agenda
    2.Facilitate the collaboration and alignment between frontline with Product/Credit/Supporting Units to streamline the loan process for better customer experience and service turnaround time
    3.Responsible for marketing campaigns and customer communication.
    4.Support acquisition channel development, including both online and offline
    5.Support system enhancement and testing
    6.Develop and execute product/pricing program to deliver the Bank’s secured lending growth aspiration. Monitor and track program performance.
    7.Coordinate and work closely with Sales, Credit and Operations to streamline the loan application and underwriting process for operational efficiency.
    8.Provide the frontline a clear, relevant and timely product/program launch and necessary training supports to ensure a balanced and sustainable sales momentum.
    9.Constantly review, propose solutions and coordinate with key stakeholders to improve product/related process for better customer journey.
    10.Work with Marketing, Legal & Compliance for communications development and ensure that particular risks inherent in certain products are fully and clearly explained and all closures comply with regulatory requirement and internal guideline.
    11.Support system enhancement and user acceptance testing when necessary
  • 工作地點 : 台北市內湖區
  • 職務類別 : 產品管理師  金融專業主管  銀行辦事員職涯發展地圖
  • 休假制度 : 週休二日
  • 上班時段 : 白天班
  • 職缺更新 : 2020 年 3 月 27 日
  • 需求人數 : 1人
  • 薪資待遇 : 面議(經常性薪資23,800元起,企業確認中)每月薪資行情表我要申訴
  • 工作性質 : 全職
  • 上班日期 : 一個月內
  • 管理人數 : 不需負擔管理責任
  • 出差說明 : 不需出差


  • 學歷要求 : 碩士、大學
  • 科系要求 : 不拘科系就業導航
  • 工作經驗 : 3 年以上
  • 身份類別 : 一般求職者  
  • 外語能力 :
    英文→  聽:精通  說:精通  讀:精通  寫:精通


  • 電腦技能 : 未填寫


  • 1. Strong PC capability is a must, especially Excel & PPT skills
    2. Good number sensitive with analytic skills
    3. Highly organized, detail-oriented and self-driven towards expected results
    4. Can identify issues, define priorities and take necessary actions


  • 連絡人 : HR
  • Email : 若有意應徵,請直接按「我要應徵」投遞履歷即可。
  • 我要應徵 儲存工作
  • 【提醒您】與企業連絡時,請告知「我是在yes123看到此則徵人訊息」,這是一種求職禮儀。
2.求職防騙3要:要有人陪同、要確認公司資料、要存疑:待遇不合理、面試地點偏遠,若遇行為不軌,請立即離開,並向yes123反映 我要申訴