• 工作內容 :
    A. Business Function
    Digital revolutions are set to change the way we live, work and play. That’s why we’ve spared no effort in ensuring we are at the forefront of this new generation.
    Our new digital banking initiative will focus on creating innovative products and services to integrate banking into our customers' digital lifestyle.
    The Digital Banking team plays an instrumental role in DBS's push in the innovation space. We lead the digital strategy for consumer banking and build the foundations critical for the desired digital customer journey.
    We are seeking a self-motivated individual who understands the different generation and can contribute fresh ideas to better serve our digital communities. With an open work culture, there are constant opportunities to present your ideas and make contributions to the bank.

    B. You can expect to:
    1. Drive mobile innovation projects and identify business opportunities – Devise new ways to improve the digital customer journey through the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
    2. Think digital & mobile strategies – Aspire to make a difference for digital customers by building on DBS’s omni-channel strategy and pioneering new digital experiences through ground-breaking innovations.
    3. Manage Stakeholders, Tech and Ops, and Product teams. Able to foster strong Collaborate with cross functional business partners (including Customer Experience, Marketing, IT, Finance, Legal, Compliance, Risk, Operations and others) to develop holistic, end-to-end digital solutions that fulfil customer and business needs.
    4. Design and develop the best-in-class customer & employee journeys on digital channel, identify untapped opportunities for digital value capture and strategic cost management, and manage timely delivery of projects.
    5. Identify and anticipate emerging mobile technology, customer data & insights, industry trends and customer behavior trends to continuously improve our online and mobile offerings, and strive to be the best digital
  • 工作地點 : 台北市內湖區
  • 職務類別 : 其他專案管理師職涯發展地圖
  • 休假制度 : 依公司規定
  • 上班時段 : 08:45~17:15/白天班
  • 職缺更新 : 2021 年 4 月 16 日
  • 需求人數 : 1人
  • 薪資待遇 : 面議每月薪資行情表
  • 工作性質 : 全職
  • 上班日期 : 一個月內
  • 管理人數 : 不需負擔管理責任
  • 出差說明 : 不需出差


  • 學歷要求 : 碩士、大學
  • 科系要求 : 不拘科系就業導航
  • 工作經驗 : 5 年以上
  • 身份類別 : 一般求職者  
  • 外語能力 :
    英文→  聽:精通  說:精通  讀:精通  寫:精通


  • 電腦技能 : 未填寫


  • Requirements
    • Minimum 5 years’ experience in a related position
    • Experienced in digital channel management, gathering business requirement, managing channels projects and initiatives
    • A positive attitude in the work is a must.
    • Self-motivated with a strong sense of ownership and accountability.
    • Good understanding of banking products and related processes.
    • Excellent communication skills with the ability to instantly connect with people and manage ongoing relationships for positive outcomes
    • Customer-centric and think out of the box
    • Keen interest in emerging digital trends and how to apply them to improve our digital customer experience.
    • Ability to analyze and resolve problems with the use of data and customer feedback.


  • 連絡人 : HR
  • Email : 若有意應徵,請直接按「我要應徵」投遞履歷即可。
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2.求職防騙3要:要有人陪同、要確認公司資料、要存疑:待遇不合理、面試地點偏遠,若遇行為不軌,請立即離開,並向yes123反映 我要申訴