【Penang Branch】System Development Engineer



  • 工作內容 :
    • Perform early concept proofing and evaluation to verify feasibility of new products definition or requirement, on both running simulation and/or perform measurement on a variation of actual product.
    • Develop algorithm for new products. Work closely with IC design team for implementation into silicon ICs.
    • Define design verification methodology and perform system verification tasks for new products/ICs.
    • Develop standard engineering hardware/software platform to support ICs’ design verification tasks.
    • Participate in reviews or support related to customer design-in or issues.
  • 工作地點 : 東南亞馬來西亞Ground and First Floor, Kompleks Eureka, Universit
  • 職務類別 : 韌體工程師  軟體工程師  電腦硬體工程師職涯發展地圖
  • 休假制度 : 依公司規定
  • 上班時段 : 白天班
  • 職缺更新 : 2020 年 7 月 2 日
  • 需求人數 : 不拘
  • 薪資待遇 : 面議每月薪資行情表我要申訴
  • 工作性質 : 全職
  • 上班日期 : 隨 時
  • 管理人數 : 不需負擔管理責任
  • 出差說明 : 不需出差


  • 學歷要求 : 碩士、大學
  • 科系要求 : 電機電子工程相關、資訊工程學類科系就業導航
  • 工作經驗 : 5 年以上
  • 身份類別 : 一般求職者  


  • 工作技能 :
  • 電腦技能 : 未填寫


  • • Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor''s Degree, Masters, PhD Degree in Electrical & Electronic, or equivalent.
    • Willing to work hands on independently & as a cross functional team
    • Programming experience (C/C++, Matlab, Python or similar tools).
    • Able to read schematic diagrams, and experience in debugging software/hardware.
    • Experience in signal and image processing for image analysis is preferred.
    • Experience in product design and development is a plus.
    • Independent, accountable, able to work well in teams and is result oriented.

    ★PixArt Penang benefits are as below:
    Employee Share Option, Contractual Bonus, Quarterly Performance Bonus, Insurance coverage, Medical, Health Screening, Dental, Vision, Meal Allowance, Parking & etc..

    ★The below compensation & benefits are only applicable to PixArt Taiwan.


  • 連絡人 : Ms. Lew
  • Email : 若有意應徵,請直接按「我要應徵」投遞履歷即可。
  • 備註事項 : If you are interested, please email your resume to either
    yt_lew@pixart.com or
    馬來西亞Ground and First Floor, Kompleks Eureka, Universiti Sains Malaysia, 11800 Penang
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2.求職防騙3要:要有人陪同、要確認公司資料、要存疑:待遇不合理、面試地點偏遠,若遇行為不軌,請立即離開,並向yes123反映 我要申訴