Material Planning Engineer (新加坡)



  • 工作內容 :
    • Establish & maintain material planning & control principle management.• Ensuring the consistent and adequate supply of materials necessary for production.• Coordinate with different internal stakeholders (PC, Users (Module/ Manufacturing/facility), PUR, WH, SQM) for any material relevant matters such as changing material demand pattern, new material requirement, create new material profile and resolve any issues.• Conduct non-confirming raw material (NMR) board to have risk and supply assessment when materials does not meet requirement of spec, minimum shelf life or external packing. Perform corrective actions once NMR concluded (Continue consume when NMR agreement or Return to supplier when NMR rejected)• Liaise with suppliers for scheduling and evaluate supplier delivery performance.• Manage inventory levels, reduce waste, oversee the shelf life and lifecycle of materials and perform necessary actions such as Material Disposal Application (MDA).• Continuously improvement on the planning process.
  • 工作地點 : 東南亞新加坡新加坡TampinesIndustrialAve5Singapore528830
  • 職務類別 : 物料/資材管理  採購/發包人員職涯發展地圖
  • 休假制度 : 依公司規定
  • 上班時段 : 白天班
  • 職缺更新 : 2021 年 5 月 14 日
  • 需求人數 : 1人
  • 薪資待遇 : 面議(經常性薪資達4萬元含以上)每月薪資行情表
  • 工作性質 : 全職
  • 上班日期 : 隨 時
  • 管理人數 : 不需負擔管理責任
  • 出差說明 : 需出差,一年累積時間約一個月以下


  • 學歷要求 : 大學以上
  • 科系要求 : 工程相關科系就業導航
  • 工作經驗 : 不拘
  • 身份類別 : 一般求職者  
  • 外語能力 :
    英文→  聽:精通  說:精通  讀:精通  寫:精通


  • 電腦技能 : 未填寫


  • • Candidate must possess at least Bachelor's Degree/Post Graduate Diploma/Professional Degree in any related field.
    • At least 1 year of experience in related field.
    • Required Skill(s): WORD, EXCEL, PPT
    • Preferably Executive specialized in Purchasing/Inventory/Material & Warehouse Management or equivalent.


  • *上市上櫃


  • 連絡人 : VIS Singapore HR
  • Email : 若有意應徵,請直接按「我要應徵」投遞履歷即可。
  • 備註事項 : Since this job required good English communication skill, please send the English CV to VIS Singapore HR. Thank you.
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2.求職防騙3要:要有人陪同、要確認公司資料、要存疑:待遇不合理、面試地點偏遠,若遇行為不軌,請立即離開,並向yes123反映 我要申訴